Capoeira in Toronto

Join us for a thrilling and empowering introduction to Capoeira, a unique Afro-Brazilian Martial Art that blends elements of dance, acrobatics, and music. In this beginner class, you will learn the basics of Capoeira movements, including ginga (the fundamental step), kicks, dodges, and escapes.

Our experienced instructors will guide you through fun and dynamic exercises that will help you develop strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination.

This class is designed for students of all fitness levels and is a great way to get moving, challenge yourself, and have a blast. Whether you’re looking to learn something new, improve your fitness, or just have fun, you’ll find it all in our beginner capoeira class.

So come ready to sweat, smile, and discover the power of this incredible art form!

Lang Maria Liu - "Professora Lang"

Lang Maria Liu has been playing capoeira in Toronto for over twenty-four years and is a teacher, a Formada , of “Filhos de Bimba Escola de Capoeira” under Mestre Nenel, Mestre Bimba’s son’s, guidance. 

She has a Ph.D. in education.  (You can read her book Bimba’s Rhythm is One, Two, Three: From Resistance to Transformation Through Brazilian Capoeira, available on Amazon).

Lang is also a Gokhale Method primal posture teacher.

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