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Group Training in Toronto

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Our Group Training in Toronto offers semi-private like training where you still receive the personalized attention you’ll need to continue safely challenging yourself in your individual and group workouts.

Working with a personal trainer in Toronto offers numerous benefits for your fitness journey. However, it may be difficult to incorporate private training into your schedule and budget.

Personal Training in Toronto

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If you need that 1-on-1 attention then our program will guarantee you the results. 

We will assess your bodily strengths and weaknesses through a standardized physical test. Together we will create your roadmap towards your goals, customized workout, and nutritional plan. Along the way it may be tough to keep your motivation up but I will provide physical and mental guidance and monitor your progress on a regular basis.

Online Training

Jimmy's Athletics

Everything that is offered in person except you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

Each online session is catered to the individual needs, modifications of exercises and routines for space, injuries, and available equipment.

With the use of technology such as multiple camera angles, clear audio, a wide selection of music to keep you motivated at home. 

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